Nomination of Guardian for Minors

Nomination of Guardian for Minors2018-12-23T20:51:15+00:00

A Legal Guardian is a person who has the legal authority – and the corresponding duty – to care for the personal and property interests of another person, called a Ward.

Guardians are typically used in three situations: guardianship for an incapacitated senior (due to old age or infirmity), guardianship for a minor, and guardianship for developmentally disabled adults.

A minor child’s parent is the child’s natural guardian.  Most countries and states have laws that provide that the parents of a minor child are the legal guardians of that child, and that the parents may designate who shall become the child’s legal guardian in the event of death, typically subject to the approval of the court.

Where a minor child’s parents are disabled or deceased, it may be necessary for a court to appoint a guardian